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Sun Ray School is DFW Metroplex's oldest Chinese and English/Math school with over 30 years of history. With location at Carrollton, it's premier classes target students from pre-school to high school. It offers language studies in traditional and simplified Chinese for students interested in strengthening their written and verbal skills or for those individuals seeking to establish a strong foundation. There is also an adult education for conversational Mandarin Chinese. In addition, there are classes in mathematics and English that are an excellent opportunity to excel beyond conventional schooling. With cultural classes and youth leadership programs, Sun Ray School provides a broad curriculum for everyone.

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:: Welcome back Spring Semester 2018. School starts this coming 1/13-1/16 based on your class time.

UPDATED Summer School pictures of students, classes, and field trips now available in the Photo Gallery.
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03/05/04 Young Asians Face ...
When his two children were in middle school, Philip Shinoda of Dallas gave them a blunt warning: "You're not competing against Bubba and Peggy Sue."
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12/31/03 Chinese Acrobats ...
If you've ever seen the Chinese acrobats at work, you've probably wondered how they can accomplish such amazing feats. According to one fan, years of training make it all look easy.
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