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Community Links:

Dallas Chinese Community Activity Center
400 N. Greenville Avenue #12
Richardson, TX 75081
Tel: (214) 480-0311
Fax: (214) 480-0403

DFW International
9064 Stone Creek Pl.
Dallas, TX 75243
Email: aweiss@airmail.net
Website: http://www.dfwinternational.org (National)

DFW International is a network of over 1,600 North Texas internationally-focused civic, community and educational organizations. With 35% of North Texas residents being New Americans of first or second generation, the DFW metroplex indeed deserves the label ‘Global Center.” Such vibrant diversity brings challenges as well as benefits.

Organization of Chinese Americans
P.O. Box 1281
Rockwall, TX 75087
Email: info@ocadfw.org
Website: http://www.ocadfw.org (Local)
Website: http://www.ocanatl.org (National)

Founded in 1973, OCA is a national non-profit, non-partisan civil rights advocacy organization. OCA is dedicated to securing the rights of Asian Pacific American citizens and permanent residents through legislative and policy initiatives at all levels of government. OCA aims to embrace the hopes and aspirations and to better the lives of the more than 10 million Asian Pacific Americans living in the United States.

Groups & Associations:

Asian Professional Exchange
PO Box 831264
Richardson, TX 75083-1264
Email: info@apexdallas.org
Website: http://www.apexdallas.org

APEX represents an ongoing effort to address and support the interests of Asian American professionals in the Dallas area. Operating as a non-profit organization, APEX is dedicated to providing its members with opportunities for developing professional and leadership skills, promoting cultural awareness, and encouraging community service.

Health Resources:

Asian Breast Health Outreach Project
403 W. Campbell Rd, Ste 205
Richardson, TX 75080-3416
Contact: Cynthia Shinoda, Outreach Project Coordinator
Email: cynthias@RichardsonHealth.com

The Aisan Breast Health Outreach Project provides information in many Asian languages about early detection and breast cancer and offers FREE screening mammograms for Asian women who meet our financial and medical critera. Volunteers and translators are available that speak the most common Asian languages.

Media (Radio, TV, Newspaper):

Purple Signal
Web: http://www.purplesignal.com

For The First Time Ever! Purple Signal is proud to bring to Mandarin-Chinese radio programs to the Dallas/Fort Worth community. There are no special receivers to buy, and you have the convenience and clarity that comes with public-level AM radio broadcasting.

Points of Interest:

Crow Collection of Asian Art
22010 Flora St.
Dallas, TX
Phone: (214) 979-6430
Web: http://www.crowcollection.org

Exhibiting works of art from Japan, China, India and Southeast Asia, the Crow Collection of Asian Art offers visitors a peaceful world of beauty and spirituality in the heart of the city. Because many objects now considered "art" were created for religious purposes, many of the pieces in the permanent collection represent deities from various religions including as Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism and Jainism. The works of art, dating from 3500 B.C. to the early 20th century, include precious jade ornaments from China, delicate Japanese scrolls and a rarely seen 28-foot by 12-foot sandstone facade of an 18th century Indian residence. The Crow Collection is nestled as a small jewel in the heart of Dallas - in the downtown bustling and fast-growing Arts District.

SCHOOL STARTS AUG 25 at the Carrollton Campus. Click on the registrar section for more information on enrollment.
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UPDATED Summer School pictures of students, classes, and field trips now available in the Photo Gallery.
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03/05/04 Young Asians Face ...
When his two children were in middle school, Philip Shinoda of Dallas gave them a blunt warning: "You're not competing against Bubba and Peggy Sue."
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12/31/03 Chinese Acrobats ...
If you've ever seen the Chinese acrobats at work, you've probably wondered how they can accomplish such amazing feats. According to one fan, years of training make it all look easy.
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