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Over the history of the Sun Ray Youth Organization at Carrollton, we have become an ever-growing and prospering group. Within only a short period, we have participated in numerous activities benefiting to the DFW community, the Sun Ray schools, and the Chinese youth. For example, the Youth Organization organizes leadership camps, speech tournaments, and banquet events. Innovative ideas within our membership help build the Youth Organization. Each class defers from its predecessor but retains the core values of the program.


As the youth program continues to expand, the Sun Ray Youth Organization established its Arlington charter in 2000. The Youth Organization at Arlington has become an innovative program of individuals working together to gain a deeper understanding of their community functions while still having fun. They have been involved with visiting nursing homes and decorating the halls of the Salvation Army.

North Texas Youth Honors Society

The North Texas Youth Honors Society (NTYHS) another youth organization devoted to volunteering within the DFW Metroplex area started in January of 2003. The group consists of many involved and eager high school students around Plano who are willing to commit their time giving back to the community. Since its inception, NTYHS has helped Sun Ray Chinese School coordinate our annual spelling bees and speech tournaments. NTYHS has helped out at two KERA pledge drives and offers tutorial services to children at Renner Middle School and Frankford Middle School.

In cooperation with Sun Ray Chinese School, the NTYHS has become an affiliate of the Sun Ray youth programs. For more information about NTYHS, please visit www.ntyhs.tk.

Youth Organization Presidents

Grace Liu2003-2004
Steven Tsai2002-2003
William Chi2001-2002
Alice Tsai2000-2001
Alice Weng1999-2000
Rosalie Lin1998-1999
Peter Fan1997-1998
Angela Pan1996-1997
Hans Shin1995-1996

Charter Council: Jack Fan, Gary Shih, Hans Shin, James Yang.

Youth Organization at Arlington Presidents

Daphne Hong2002-2004
Angela Hong2001-2002
Tina Chen2000-2001

North Texas Youth Honors Society

Anna Zhang2004-2005
Jeffery Lin2003-2004
Nancy Hong2003

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